Canadian citizenship: why should people consider it for immigration?

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The desire to live in better conditions has haunted humanity since its emergence. Searching for a better place to live has always been a head scratcher, especially when it comes to finding a country with the best living standards. If you are looking for a calm place which grants the best level of comfort available, Canada should catch your eye. Newcomers are always welcome – immigration in this state is a major source of population growth. There are numerous benefits of Canadian passport, and it is important to know, this country is ranked 9th out of 200 other countries in the world by the United Nations Quality of Life rankings. If you have professional skills and appropriate employment history, it welcomes you with open arms. Such workers are in high demand and are paid accordingly – average Canadian salary is 4,500 CAD (Canadian dollars) per month, which means 54,700 CAD per year.

Pros and cons of Canadian citizenship

Canadian passport provides you with a bunch of vital benefits. These include:

  • Safety and governmental support;
  • Variety of medical benefits;
  • Best educational institutions;
  • Competitive marketplace.

Safety occupies one of the leading places in the list of human needs. In Canada, you will be surrounded by clean and safe environment. Unlike in neighboring United States, you will face strict gun laws. It is well developed and one of the most peaceful countries in the world for immigration. If you seek a calm place to settle down with family, Canadian citizenship is your choice.

Canadian medical services are outstanding. Its citizenship grants you access to state-funded healthcare facilities, which are considered to be some of the best in the world. Becoming a permanent resident or a citizen of Canada will provide you with full package of basic healthcare systems completely free of charge, which is a great advantage.

Educational institutes are important for children. After immigration to Canada, your descendants will get a solid learning experience. Kindergartens, schools, universities – every institute will lead your kids to a successful career.

Furthermore, Canada has a growing economy. Future of the Canadian economy is bright and welcoming for immigrants. If you seek a job, this might come to your advantage. Starting a new career or business in is easy and warmly greeted there.

Of course, no country is perfect. Let us unpack cons of obtaining Canadian citizenship:

  • Government control
  • High cost of living

Canadian government tracks every aspect of citizens’ lives. Immigrants say there are many rules to deal with. But that has resulted in the country being on top with the most developed states. These regulations are strict, but they work. Cost of living is also a real deal. If you work well, your salary will cover living expenses and you will make much more money than you could expect to earn in less developed countries.

Who can apply for citizenship in Canada?

 Immigration to Canada. Migration Centr news blog

In order to apply for Canadian citizenship, you are required to:

  • Prove that you are able to speak and write in Canada’s official language (English or French);
  • Be a permanent resident;
  • Have lived here as a permanent resident for 1,095 days out of 5 years before applying;
  • Have paid your taxes for at least 3 years during last 5 years, you do not owe any income taxes to be paid.

Moreover, you cannot become a Canadian citizen if you:

  • Were imprisoned recently;
  • Are on probation, parole;
  • Serving a conditional sentence, charged or convicted of an indictable crime;
  • Under a deportation order.


To summarize, Canada is a beautiful, developed and progressive country. Canadian passport will give you a bunch of opportunities you could dream about. High quality education, fine salaries, best living conditions and chances to start a new life – this is how relocating to this state looks like. Immigration is a major source of population growth there, if you are a skilled worker, it will greet you warmly. Looking for a calm place to settle down? Canada is your choice.

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