Romanian Citizenship by repatriation (descent)

What should be said about Romania in the first place, besides that is a big and beautiful country, combining ancient traditions, medieval buildings and the fastest internet, it is also a place where you could apply thousands of business ideas, where you can never get bored with the cultural and geographical variety and stay healthy consuming natural food products.
And if you want something exquisite, you're only a couple of hours away from any old-world city in EU.

Romanian citizenship law tells that there are three ways to become a citizen of this country.

The first way is repatriation. Citizenship can be obtained by persons who have documented the presence of a close relative in the family who lived or was born on the territory of the country in the period 1918-1940.

The second and the third way are by the process of naturalization and by investments, the procedures in both cases are in demand, but take more time and are more difficult to carry through, therefore we recommend considering the first option.

Therefore, we’d better check your Eligibility.

Am I eligible to get Romanian Citizenship by repatriation?

The availability of Romanian legal papers belonging to any of your ancestors (parents, grandparents, great-grandparents) who were Romanian citizens in any period of their lifetime would be an indisputable advantage.
In case when you are not sure, we will carry out archival work to retrieve your ancestors’ birth records.
This will be a sufficient basis to obtain your Romanian passport.

The checking out of above mentioned documents and dealing with Romanian administrative authorities requires the involvement of experts who are both fluent in the native language, and familiar with the local ways.
It significantly shortens the period of time requested for your repatriation.

Romanian Citizenship

What should I do to obtain Romania EU passport?

You just need to meet some essential requirements:

  • Reach 18 years of age;

  • Have 0 previous convictions;

  • Sign a declaration of loyalty to the country;

  • Obtain confirmation of Romanian origin.

What benefits would I get?

As an EU citizen, you’ll immediately receive the opportunity to live, study and work in any country of the European Union without restrictions, travel much easier almost all over the world, and cheaper too, you’ll have the access to the advanced medical healthcare in any EU country, open accounts and make deposits in reliable European banks.
Any minor children of yours (by the time of your obtaining a Romanian citizenship) will automatically be recognized as Romanian and EU citizens too.

The best part is that all the paperwork, checks and digitization, and the “cherry on top” - the citizenship order, takes just a few months, comparing to the similar processes in the other countries.

“Which documents are required”, “Who is considered a relative”, “Is it possible to obtain citizenship by DNA test” – we know, you must have dozens of questions, and it is our long-term experience and the ease of doing business that can guarantee you a peace of mind.

Just call, the rest is up to us!

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