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The second-largest country in the European Union including its islands and territories, a homeland of many world-renown artists, birthplace of science inventions, leads the way when it comes to renewable energy, The Kingdom of Spain, is a wonderful corner of Earth that has much to offer both the visitor and the resident.
Not in vain it is receiving more tourists daily than almost any other country: over 45 UNESCO World Heritage sites, sweeping beaches, spectacular mountains, colorful festivals, sand and sun - there’s never a dull moment here.
And the most common way of enjoying the life in Spain is of course to become a national by right of birth.

Nevertheless, if you weren’t lucky enough to be born at the right place, there are other procedures for foreigners to get Spanish citizenship:

  • By residency - For those foreigners who have lived in Spain for at least 5 years;

  • By marriage - This type of nationality is granted to those foreigners who have been legal residents in Spain for 1 year and who are married to a Spanish citizen.

  • By descent - By proving to have a Spanish ancestor (parent or grandparent). Your application will be based on jus sanguinis (blood right), but you can also apply for Spanish citizenship by descent if you were adopted into a Spanish family.

Of course, there are some general rules to follow. You must:

  • Show proper civic behavior. The authorities will follow up your criminal background and police records

  • Demonstrate sufficient economic means to sustain yourself

  • Pass two exams: the DELE A2 (a language check), and the CCSE (a cultural multiple choice test)

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And there’s an advantage right here – Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world. Besides that, having become a Spanish citizen, whether you were applying for personal or work reasons, you should be able to move freely within the territory of the EU and many other countries, get another degree, change your job, build a house, start a business legally within the EU.

If there still are questions to clarify, feel free to contact our immigration team.
We can deal with the whole application process: establish which is the best way of requiring the citizenship for you to follow, collect the information you will need to get your application approved, eliminating the risk of errors, fill out forms, translate and send the paperwork to the competent authority - something that could speed up the process immensely.
You’ll just take a siesta and enjoy!

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