Slovenian Citizenship by descent – check your background and get the EU Slovenia passport by fast track

The undoubted benefits of living in a small but modern and picturesque country are mobility and compactness, but Slovenia also has beautiful ski-resorts, hiking and rafting destinations, provides access to lakes and the Adriatic Sea, and of course is one of the greenest countries in Europe, covered in forests.
And according to many researches, the locals are considered very tolerant and hospitable as well.

How to become Slovenian Citizen and receive all the benefits of being a part of the EU?
The answer lies in your past.
We’ll check your ancestry records and find out if the passport could be “inherited”.

How do I get Slovenian Citizenship by descent?

One can acquire Slovenian citizenship by naturalization if one actually resides in the country for quite a while or his/her achievements are of the national interest, but there are other ways to become a resident of this wonderful place in the middle of Europe: by origin (if at least one of the parents was a citizen of the Republic of Slovenia at the time of the child's birth) or repatriation (if one is descendant of the residents who lived or were born on the territory of the former Yugoslavia before June 25, 1991)

One can start Slovenian citizenship application process by proving one’s heritage and fulfilling eligibility criteria set by Slovenian government.

If one does not have information about his/her Slovenian ancestors, let alone personal documents, it is not an issue, we can help with the local archives, translation and notarization.

Romanian Citizenship

Could that really be so easy? Actually, yes, and there’s more.

Having become a resident of the Republic of Slovenia, you are automatically a part the European Union “family” as well.
This upgrade allows you to:

  • Live, work, travel freely within the territory of the EU (including the Schengen Area), the USA and many other countries of the world;

  • Get a loan, buy real estate, have it insured, open a small business – receive substantial social benefits;

  • Have access to good quality education according to European standards;

  • Submit paperwork for family reunion in the country.

How can we help you along the way: by assessing the eligibility of your claim (before the submission of the paperwork) and by legal representation through all the processes until the very moment of obtaining your new EU passport.

Our years of experience and successful work may guarantee that this day is just around the corner.

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