German Citizenship

Germany is one of the most developed countries in the world, a leader in climate and energy policies, a protector of environment, a land of writers and readers, musicians and philosophers.

Germany claims the copyright to many significant inventions not in the least due to its people famous thoroughness, high levels of intelligence and hard work. Its economy creates a great opportunity for a high quality of life and human development in general.
No wondering the number of people wishing to be a part of a progressive society.

Therefore, we’d better check your Eligibility.

German Citizenship

There are several possible ways to become a German citizen:

  • By naturalization

    The requirements are the following: eight years of permanent residence in Germany, current employment, sufficient means to earn your (and your family’s) living, no illegal activities and prior convictions, proficiency in German language

    The benefit of timely legal advice in order to avoid any problems is that we can guide you, based on our experience, and ensure that your application follows the exact demands of the authorities.

  • By marriage

    The “other half” must have been married to a German citizen for 3 years, and at least 2 of them to have been spent together in Germany, so as to be eligible to submit the paperwork.

  • By birth

    Attained by infant at birth if at least one parent is German. Children born in Germany to foreign citizens can acquire German citizenship if they meet certain requirements.

  • By adoption

    If a German man/woman adopts a minor who does not have German citizenship the child becomes a national (in cases when the process was fulfilled outside the country, there are some additional requirements).

  • By other reasons

    Citizenship can be obtained (or regained) by later immigrants – ethnic Germans from the territory of the former USSR, other former German citizens living abroad, including expatriated victims of Nazi persecution and their descendants. Foreigners living abroad can also acquire German citizenship under certain conditions.

What benefits would I get?

Although higher education is totally free in Germany since not so long ago, there are many other benefits of obtaining that country’s citizenship to consider: to live, work, open business and travel across Europe (need no visa to over 180 other countries as well), to have an interesting and well-paid job, high-level medical security and retirement prospects in one of the safest and stable country of EU, which one should also plan for.

The desire for orderliness is what we share with Germans.
A thorough consultation on your requirements, accurate paperwork, punctuality concerning details and flawless time-management of deadlines – that is what engineers the precise result of our work to your contentment.

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