Estonian Citizenship

Wonderfully preserved medieval architecture, ample, uncrowded green spaces, some of the cleanest air in the world. A country that is easy to get to by any means of transportation, has an efficient economy, one of the highest adult literacy rates in the world, where people who speak multiple languages, invent various ingenious startups and have generally simplified their lives by doing many things digitally. Thus, Estonia is really a place for independent minds.

Estonia has an advantageous geographical position in Northern Europe. This means less bureaucracy, as well as more openness and efficiency in some important sectors such as health and education.

Estonian citizenship can be acquired:

  • By descent (when at least one parent is national by the time of child’s birth)

  • By marriage (for someone who espoused an Estonian citizen before 26.02.92)

  • By reinstatement (for persons who lost Estonian citizenship)

  • By naturalization

  • By the principle of succession - if you are a descendant of an Estonian citizen.

Those pursuing the way of naturalization are required to fulfill the following criteria:

  • Be over 15 years’ old

  • Reside in the country for at least eight years

  • Have a basic knowledge of Estonian language and constitution

  • Possess sufficient economic means to sustain yourself

  • Show proper civic behavior, no criminal records

But the easiest and most accessible way to emigrate to Estonia is to obtain citizenship by origin. It is enough to prove that one of your direct ancestors was a citizen of the First Independent Republic of Estonia.

As an Estonian citizen, you will have:

  • Visa-free travel to over 170 countries;

  • The right to work and study without permit anywhere in the EU;

  • Access to the advances health care and other social benefits;

  • The opportunity to run a business anywhere in the EU.

Hungary Citizenship

And it is a true paradise for the contemporary commerce dealings:

  • A company can be established online in just a few hours and from almost anywhere in the world;

  • The management can be carried out remotely;

  • The taxes are quite moderate;

  • By digitalization the bureaucracy is reduced to a minimum;

  • Most employees of key positions (e.g. banks or government) speak more than one foreign language.

Performing this task for many years, we can say that it is our duty and our pleasure to assist you with all the necessary steps (restoration of the certificates, filling of the forms, legal representation), to complete your citizenship application and to watch you succeed in becoming a proud EU resident.

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