France Citizenship

When you dream big – consider France!

The largest country in EU, the most popular tourist destination in the world, the land of writers and thinkers, the language of aristocrats and royalty, French famous “liberty, equality, fraternity and love”, not to mention great food and winery, attract people all over the globe to make the fabled Paris their permanent home.

And several ways there are to do so:

  • Firstly, you may get citizenship by the right of the soil, i.e. by being born on the French territory (and in some cases the rules apply to foster and adopted children)

  • Secondly, there’s a ‘demande d’attribution’ – so called citizenship by origin - if one of your parents is (or was) a French citizen. The child’s place of birth does not matter in this case, just blood relation.

  • Third way is through marriage: the spouse of a French citizen can apply for citizenship after their living together for 4 years (and being still married at the time of application), providing he or she has a good command of the French language.

  • And, finally, one can become a naturalized French citizen. Naturalization is a unique process that, slowly but steadily, helps a foreigner to turn into a national: one must have been living in France for several previous years, have a profound knowledge of the language, local ways and traditions, obligations, rights and laws. A steady job, attending a higher education course, being a volunteer of the armed forces or having otherwise exceptionally contributed nationwide may speed the process up considerably.

France Citizenship

If you become a French citizen, you are entitled to live, work, study in France, or any other member states of the European Union, secure your children’s future, nationality and education. In addition to that, you will have visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to more than 180 countries and territories, ranking the French passport 6th in the world in terms of travel freedom, you can buy property and do business all over Europe, avoiding the airport queues.

But there are some things to consider: you must be able to support yourself by sufficient means, manifest good civic behavior, under no circumstances have criminal records and show your integration in the local way of life.

Besides all the above mentioned, one should not forget, that in the eyes of French Government your becoming a citizen is not just an act, but an honour - and it is entirely possible for them to refuse you even if all the conditions are met.

And we can provide both consultation on the subject of the best way for you to become French national and assistance with all the applications, requests, appeals – after all, bureaucracy is what France is also famous for.

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