Hungarian Citizenship

Many people wish to call home a place by the seaside, but we can assure you, that being a citizen of a landlocked country in the Central Europe is just as rewarding: mild climate, ancient history subtly intertwined with modern infrastructure, variety of nature and abundance of healing waters, multifaceted culture, a land of great inventors, nobel-prized scientists and generally well-read men, - we are talking of Hungary.

First of all, you can obtain Hungary citizenship by Naturalization. That is possible after several years of continuous stay in Hungary, having had no criminal record, receiving a stable income, acquiring basic knowledge of the language and laws. A marriage to a national or parenting one may decrease the expectation period.

The second option is the repatriation program. This one concerns people whose relatives (or themselves) originate from Southern Slovakia, Transylvania, Vojvodina or the Transcarpathian region before 1945 (with some exceptions) – the ethnic Hungarians who were born or lived in territories that were separated from Hungary as a result of wars.

The Hungarian permanent residence by investment program is currently suspended.

Of course, if you are a spouse of a Hungarian citizen (married at least ten years, or five - in case of common children) and speak the language, then you are entitled to submit an application.

There are not so many ways to become a Hungarian citizen, and due to some frequent changes of borders throughout Europe during the 20th century, the task of proving your family connection and eligibility may get a bit confusing. That is why we are here to assist in checking your background, finding the archive records, complete your case file and submit your application.

Hungary Citizenship

Having obtained the citizenship of this well-developed prosperous country, you can make most of the opportunity to live finer:

  • Get a high-quality education for you and your children;

  • Work throughout the EU with no restrictions;

  • Live and travel freely to a lot of places (including other continents);

  • Open or expand your own business;

  • Ensure social protection and reliable medical security for you and your family.

The Hungarian is considered to be one of the ten most difficult languages to study, but there’s no such thing as impossible, and so is true for our team of specialists too. Professionalism, creativity and patience is on our side, you just have to concentrate on the result, and we will methodically achieve it.

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