Lithuania Citizenship

A small pearl of the Schengen area by the sea, with quite a number of historical places, monuments of architecture, magical forests, national parks, all sorts of wildlife, beautiful traditions, protected religions and also has top of the world internet connection, temples of contemporary art, fast-growing industries and a crisis-resilient economy.

But you probably know all that and more, if you have been residing in Lithuania for the last several years. According to the procedure of naturalization, after a decade of constant living one can apply for citizenship, if one satisfies other basic requirements, such as: an absence of convictions, legal source of means, sufficient knowledge of the language. Some people who have special merits to the Republic of Lithuania get citizenship from the President, by the way of exception.

At any rate, in case you’ve been convinced that this little Baltic paradise is your destination, but have actually never been there, don’t despair – there are other ways for a foreigner to achieve the goal and experience the benefits of the European Union membership.

In particular, by repatriation or citizenship reinstatement.

The citizenship of Lithuania is principally granted by birth (jus sanguinis), i.e. a child acquires the citizenship of the parents, independently on the place of birth. Although, there’s a clause for certain individuals. People who were citizens of the Republic of Lithuania before June 15, 1940 and their offspring have a right to reestablish citizenship of the Republic of Lithuania, regardless of whether they are nations of some other state. Especially if it is a case of political, social, or ethnic persecution or deportation.

The law is not that straightforward, there are some conditions and requirements to consider, that is why a previous consultation on your particular situation would not be a bad idea.

Lithuania Citizenship

Upon becoming a citizen of the Republic of Lithuania, get access to the vast benefits of an EU passport holder:

  • Lithuanian citizens have visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to more than 150 countries and territories;

  • You get a right to live and work in over 30 European countries without any additional permits;

  • Lithuanian citizenship allows you to benefit from a world-class education which is free or considerably cheaper for EU nationals;

  • A process of setting up a business across EU gets less bureaucracy;

  • You are entitled to social benefits and a high-level healthcare.

  • Enjoy a bright future and a refined quality of life.

Our specialists are always there to provide assistance and the completion of paperwork, make sure you have all the necessary documentation, advice and support, should there arise any issue.

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