Comparison of obtaining EU citizenship by investment and repatriation

European citizenship has a lot of reasons to be obtained by the immigrants, such as access to beneficial job, traveling without visa, running business, taking advantage of social support, opportunity to get a scholarship for you or your children, etc. It does not matter what requests you have, because with the EU citizenship you and all your family members will get the opportunity to achieve all of them.

Comparison of 2 the most popular procedures for acquiring an EU passport

The most beneficial immigration programs among people are investment and repatriation. Such kind of choice can be easily explained by the time of registration, which can be decreased to a year. Moreover, the procedures allow the applicants to save their current passport. However, there is a specific difference between the programs, which you will find below.

Citizenship by Investment

Investment procedure is the most beneficial for every wealthy expat. In accordance with the law of a particular country, the immigrant can contribute a financial sum in country’s economy (by donation or purchase of the bonds), the specific project, presented by the government, real estate or business. However, you should know, that donation or contribution to government fund is non-refundable.

Requirements for the immigrants:

  • Be over 18 years old;
  • Prove the efficiency and legality of income;
  • Have a regular income;

Every country can add its own requirements for the applicants. For example, the amount of investment differs depending on a state; particular procedure allows people to get residence or citizenship, etc.

The time limits of obtaining EU passport can also vary, depending on the state’s legislation. Dominica citizenship can be obtained by $100 000 investment in real estate (or just by donation) within 3 months. The passport of Spain for instance, can be achieved after a few years of residency in the state (contribution to real estate allows the immigrant to obtain residence permit first).

Citizenship by Repatriation

People who decided to become bipatride, can implement that into reality by repatriation. Nevertheless, there are a few requirements for the applicants which allow them to become repatriates:

  • Have a proof of ethnicity or territorial affiliation of the country of registration;
  • Have no criminal record;
  • Be over 18 years old.

Every country can add its own requirements for the immigrants. For example, the sum of investment, could be different.

Time frames of repatriation program is different, and can starts with 4 months (in Slovenia).

Summarizing the information above, we can make a conclusion, that in accordance with different goals of the applicants, immigration procedure can be beneficial in in way. Repatriation process can be called as the most popular, as the applicants can afford it without investing a large financial sum or running business. However, if one’s dream is to start his/her business with the European rights, then you had better choose investment.

To get more information about immigration programs, and pick the best one for you, contact’s lawyers for consultation.

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