Fast-track Bulgarian Citizenship - are you eligible?

Recently, many businessmen and investors have started to pay more and more attention to the countries of the Balkan region.
Bulgaria is a small and friendly place in many ways.
The government strongly supports those wishing to start their own business here or invest in the economy of the state.
Moderate taxes, all kinds of benefits and innovations support encourage foreigners to move to the Black Sea coast and obtain Bulgarian citizenship.

The favorable conditions of the new investment program amended in 2021 helps along too: the sum of money to be lent to the local business is now 255 000 € - one of the lowest in Europe, totally returnable.

The investor is not obliged to confirm the knowledge of Bulgarian at any level, there’s no requirement for permanent residence in the country either.
The accelerated procedure allows you to apply for citizenship one year after receiving permanent residence certificate.

There is also another option to become a national. The recently modified Bulgarian Citizenship Act establishes several categories of people who are eligible to seek for Bulgarian citizenship based on their origin: person born to/ adopted by a Bulgarian citizen (under the conditions of full adoption) or someone who can prove their Bulgarian ancestry.

Bulgarian descent could be established by submitting a birth certificate from Bulgarian or international authorities. One of your ancestors must have been born in Bulgaria or be of Bulgarian origin, according to the document.

Our lawyers could assist you in obtaining certificates for your relations, who have passed away, and get other excerpts from the local municipality's Registry offices.

The Bulgarian Ministry of Justice has informed about more than 5000 people who are awaiting to obtain Bulgarian passport at the moment, and promises that, with the new measures implemented, the waiting period will be significantly reduced. The procedure is no longer two-staged, as it was before, which minimizes loss of time.

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