How is business in Europe going?

The European market is the most competitive in the world. Throughout history, the most important innovations and inventions have been made here, leading to active business development in the region. As a result, Europe has become a center of trade and economic stability, attracting every entrepreneur to set up a company here.

There are certain features that make economic prosperity in the EU so appealing. Some of the key positive factors for business development in Europe are:

  • Economic stability;
  • Geographical location;
  • Efficient fiscal system;
  • Global community.

With a population of over 500 million people, Europe also offers a significant customer base for companies of any industry. The EU gives access to the single market, allowing organizations to reach customers in different countries without facing trade barriers and tariffs. To reveal the full potential of this region, this article describes the key benefits of doing business in Europe and the best EU states for a foreigner to set up a new enterprise.

Opening a business in the EU: pros and cons

Benefits of running business in the EU

Starting business in Europe has advantages that are rarely found in any other market in the world. The main ones are outlined and described below:

Economic stability — Europe generally has strong institutions, well-established legal systems and reliable infrastructure. Many EU countries have a high standard of living, which can contribute to a favorable commercial climate. In addition, the economic integration and commitment to free trade promote stability and ease of running an enterprise there.

Geographical location — proximity to other markets, transport infrastructure, multimodal connectivity and cultural diversity make Europe an excellent region for business development. Moreover, geographical location creates efficient supply chains, lower transport costs and faster delivery times, increasing competitiveness and outreach.

Efficient fiscal system creates an environment with lower corporate tax rates to encourage companies to invest, expand and create jobs. Reduced burdens free up resources for businesses to spend on research and development, innovation and infrastructure, boosting growth and competitiveness.

Global community facilitates the transfer of knowledge, technology and best practice to the businesses in Europe. Cooperation and partnerships with international organizations, research institutes and multinational companies help to access cutting-edge technologies, research and expertise to improve competitiveness and stimulate innovation.

Thus, all the benefits of doing business in Europe come down to its development. The EU market is brimming with firms of all sorts, but it encourages innovation, offering great rewards to those who can bring something new to the table. This is why so many people want to move to Europe and start a business there.

Benefits of running business in the EU. Migration Centr advices

What European country is the easiest for opening business?

The ease and benefits of starting a business in Europe depend on the country chosen to implement innovative ideas. Denmark stands out among the countries that offer maximum advantages to new entrepreneurs.

Among other states in Europe, Denmark has a reputation for being the easiest place to start a business. Setting up a company, obtaining permits and dealing with regulatory processes are relatively straightforward and efficient. It offers a transparent and well-functioning legal system that protects property rights and enforces contracts, providing organizations with a reliable and predictable framework.

Another automatic advantage of establishing a company in Denmark rather than in another state in Europe is the opportunity to acquire a residence permit immediately. It also offers the possibility to apply for and obtain citizenship after 1 year of successful firm operation. This makes it easy to immigrate there and to fulfil the entrepreneurial dreams of opening a new firm or small private business in Europe.

Other choices of favorable countries for starting a company are:

  • Germany;
  • Netherlands;
  • United Kingdom;
  • Switzerland;
  • Slovenia;
  • Sweden;
  • Ireland.

Each of the states listed has its own advantages for starting a new enterprise and immigrating.


If one wants to start their own business in the most stable, innovative and multicultural region, there is no better place than Europe. Its market is the most attractive in the world, which supports the constant immigration of entrepreneurs from all over the world. Denmark is the best country in which to establish a company. It gives investors the opportunity to obtain permanent residence and citizenship quickly and easily. Therefore, Europe is open to people who want to experience all the benefits of running a profitable business in the most competitive market in the world.

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