Now you can apply for EU passport, and it is really easy too.

Obtaining a second citizenship is a very attractive prospect, especially if it is one of the EU countries passport.
At that point, Slovenia is a very good choice: a winning combination of strong economy and greenest environment, an area which is historically close in spirit, culture and customs to the ex-Soviet countries (so it is easier for many emigrants to adapt), and at the same time, a territory at the heart of Europe – the best opportunities to expand your activities and see the world.

Slovenian citizenship can be obtained through naturalization and on preferential terms. Depending on the path chosen, this process will take from one to ten years.
The standard of living in Slovenia very good, not to mention the numerous beautiful sites to admire, and in addition, the local passport is a permit to all Schengen countries (for business or travel).

Most often, the preferential terms (relating to the reduction of the period of compulsory residence) can be used by:

  • individuals of Slovenian descent in a direct line up to the third generation (who can prove it);
  • other former residents who immigrated from the country;
  • those who have rendered special services to Slovenia (athletes, scientists, artists etc.).

The conditions for applying and the eligibility of a candidate for Slovenian citizenship are described in the Citizenship Act of the Republic of Slovenia.
Your application form needs to include your ancestral and personal documents, translated and notarized. But you need not worry about that – it is our job to make your paperwork slide smoothly through the bureaucratic wheels of Slovenian governmental mechanism.

And if you qualify for a second passport it means you can live and study, run your own business, benefit from medical insurance and social security in the EU and retain your current passport - Slovenian legislation allows dual citizenship too.

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