Romania EU passport by article 11?

Having a second citizenship is a way of keeping one’s options open and create a sustainable future.
Especially powerful in this regard is an EU passport, which allows to relocate business to a more favorable place, get better living conditions for the whole family or just travel visa-free in more than 150 countries around the globe.

Our company provides you with assistance in obtaining Romanian citizenship - legitimately and, at the same time, avoiding the most of the administrative routine.
Romanian passport equals the citizenship of the European Union, with all the rights and benefits of an EU member.

Not to beat around the bush, you are a Romanian citizen already, if either of your parents was one at the time of your birth.
Also, if you’ve been living in the country for several years (probably married to a citizen) and are proficient in the language, you are eligible to enter the process of naturalization, and become a national very soon.
But there are some basic conditions like no criminal records and a permanent income.

The third way is for any person who has lost their Romanian citizenship and wish to reacquire it (According to Law 21/1991).
The articles 10 and 11 from the abovementioned document stipulate that You can apply for Romanian Citizenship by Descent if you: have or had an ancestor (up to the third generation) who was a Romanian citizen at any point in their lifetime.
If you are not sure about the confirming certificates, our team of specialists in Romanian public records is always ready to advise you on immigration related paperwork and help you prepare and restore all the documents required to submit (in complete confidentiality).

You don't need to have a comprehensive knowledge of the Romanian language or have to reside there permanently.
And, most importantly, the acquisition of Romanian passport doesn't force you to give up your first nationality, as Romanian legislation offers dual citizenship option..

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